Frozen Seafood - FoodEX Product Catalog (link to pdf)

Assorted - FoodEX Product Catalog (link to pdf)


Trading: FoodEX is anounced as company representative for Korea

FoodEX is proud to be the representative of several popular Austrian, German and Italian F&B producer. We are always looking for high quality European F&B companies who are want to enter the Korean market. With our new partners we see huge potential in this market and looking forward to a great corporation. Please find below the updated "ASSORTED" product catalog with all our new partners incl. link to their homepages.

Assorted - FoodEX Product Catalog (link to pdf)


Trading: ASC certified prawns from Vietnam for Hyatt Korea

The FoodEX in corporation with Binca Seafood are the ASC (Aquaculture Stewardship Council) partner of the Hyatt hotel group in Korea for Prawns from Vietnam. Traceability is more and more important for world wide operating companies. Their customers want to know where their food is coming from, how did it grow and what it got feeded. With a partner like ASC and MSC for seafood products is this easily possible for a fair price. The system allows technically to have an QR-code next to your dish which contains an ASC or MSC certified product and your customer can track via this code the farm, where the producs came from. We are looking forward to supply other customers as well with ASC certified products from Vietnam, to provide your customers as well these service.

Please find the official report at the Hyatt Newsroom


Consulting: Purchase system regorganization

For Craftworks Taphouse in Seoul we developed a calculation and inventory system based on reorganization of the entire purchase organization. Furthermore we overviewed the implementation of their new menu incl. recipe consultation and plating design. After monitoring the process we handed over the system for the daily use. Please follow the link below for further impressions.

Please visit the page of Craftworks Taphouse


Consulting: Set up entire restaurant operation from A-Z

Whithin three month we set up our first concept of a German & Austrian restaurant in Seoul Gangnam. We created the entire concept incl. business plan, which contains sevral analyses, budget and menu calculations and menu design. After setting up the operation system we implemented all tools and monitored if they are suitable for the system and adapted the tools if necessary. Furthermore we designed the interiour and the corporate identity. With all suppliers we negotiated corporat purchase conditions and prices. In HR we created job descriptions and hired all staff, traind them and educated them until they were able to handle the daily business by themselfs. Only after three month, when everything was working propperly, we handed over the Oskar Dine & Brew to their investor to operate it by themselfs.

Please visit the page of Oskar Dine & Brew


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